Monday, October 17, 2011

Putting the video in video games.

This past Saturday I took part once again in EXTRA LIFE.
Never heard of Extra Life before? Here's a handy video!

When playing video games for 24 hours straight, watching instead of skipping the opening cut scenes when I changed games gave my wrists and fingers a welcome mini break. It also gave my eyeballs something awesome to look at.

These are my top 3 favourite cut scenes I watched this weekend.

3. Left 4 Dead (xbox 360) - I remember the first time I started up this game back in 2008, seeing this video and thinking "HOLY CRAP what have I gotten myself into?!". I've never looked back since.

2. Marvel vs Capcom 3 (ps3) - I picked this game up on major sale when my Blockbuster was closing up. I had planned on waiting for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 but I just couldn't pass up the $35 previously viewed price plus 25% off on top. I unwrapped it on Saturday for the marathon and my friends and I loved the opening. I sort of wish the whole game was this animation style.

1. DC Universe Online (ps3) - HOLY SMOKES. This game took 4-5 hours to install and I know why. The opening cinematic BLEW MY MIND. The animation was absolutely incredible (don't even think about viewing the video below unless it's full screen and HD) and really set the tone. THIS is how DC should be making their movies!!!

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