Monday, April 28, 2008

It can be easy to be green!

Here's my little roundup of my favourite parts of the Green Living Show yesterday...

Favourite Vendors
Toronto Vegetarian Association - they gave out these really awesome directories that list all of the vegetarian restaurants in Toronto by location as well as natural food stores, caterers, cooking classes, B&Bs and much more. Very cool, and will probably be helpful when deciding where to eat with my veg friends and sisters.
Coop Mille et une fa├žons - Really neat eco-friendly gifts and products using recycled materials.
Heart on Your Sleeve - Hip and stylish Canadian-made ethical fashions and more.
Hey Jute - Eco-friendly accessories made from Jute (duh!). Totes, belts, iPod cases, yoga mat wraps, laptop sleeves and more! Plus they donate 2% of every sale to charity. And I love their name.

Free Samples
HOLY FREE SAMPLES RADMAN! I am a sample fanatic and this was definitely the place to be! Came home with a bag full plus got to try many delicious food and drinks on the show floor. Many green products are a little priceyer than their harmful counterparts so all these samples are great to test out new options without dropping all the cash on something I may not like.
I am currently sipping my complementary can of R.W. Knudsen Family's Lemon Lime Juice Spritzer. Tis very nice indeed.
My favourite sample has to be my free slice of handmade soap from Lush (MY FAVOURITE STORE EVER). Got a sample of their Sexy Peel soap that was so fresh I can't even use it for a couple of days because it hasn't fully hardened. It smells delicious!

The Algonquin Tea Co. - I picked up a pack of their 'Lucid Dream' Tea. Stay tuned to this blog for my upcoming reports on whether it works for me or not and comparing its effects to my outrageous "cheese dreams".
So Nice - Organic Fortified Chocolate Soy Milk. Super bummed that they didn't have the vanilla chai soy milk for sale. I fell in love after my sample.
Lush - I cannot walk buy Lush without walking away with at least SOMETHING. I was very restrained and only purchased the Karma bubble bar and the Butterball bath bomb (which I plan on using later tonight!)

Just Plain Rad
Courtney and I took a walk through the amazing Canuhome. All I can say is I WANT TO LIVE IN ONE! Check out the site

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My poor bloggy wog.
I have been neglecting you.
I am oh so sorry.
I have been utterly consumed by the wonder that is Twitter.
Who knew I would get sucked in?
I've been using it for 6 or 7 months now and only just now have I gotten completely wrapped up in it.
I think it is because now many more people are discovering it too, so I have more followers and the whole thing has become much more dynamic.

Check out my TwitterFeed in the sidebar to the right and get in on the action.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Shower

Today was Kaitie's baby shower.
All of the stuff was so cute!
I really wish the robot hoodie I got for the baby was in my size.

Best of all I get to be his Godmother!
This is going to be the most spoiled baby in existence.
He is going to get everything that *I* want haha.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Home Stretch

I am currently working on the last assignment of the school year, and it is proving to be a bit more challenging than I originally thought, but still..

Does it get any better?

Oh yeah, Forgetting Sarah Marshall comes out on Friday.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day 45

Day 45
Today was such a lovely day.
The sun was bright but not obtrusive.
I listened to some lovely electro tunes on my iPod walking in the sunshine.
I decided to try out my sunny yellow eyeshadow.

You should all listen to Robots in Disguise.

Ah, Procrastination. Thou Art A Heartless Beeyotch

It never fails.
I put off working on this film and the moment I really and truly want to work on it, a series of unfortunate events take place and prevent any progress from happening.
iTunes has officially turned on me, taking over an hour and counting to rip the 5 songs I need off of this cd.
My headphones are MIA.
Pro Tools is being all glitchy.

There is more, but I shan't bore you with every small detail.

My technologies better stop having PMS so I can get this shizz done!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 44

Day 44
Over on Flickr I take part in the Dawn and Drew Show 365 club.
That's one self portrait, every day for a year.
There's some great people taking part and super fun.

You can join anytime, so if you feel up to the challenge, come and join us!

Welcome Back Blogger

I'm Branching Out!
I'm expanding my blogosphere from a geek news blog ( that no one reads to include a personal blog that I suspect no one will read.
Hot Dog!

What will this blog include?
Pretty much everything girl+geek doesn't, which leaves the door wide open.
My thoughts on current events, clothes, crafts, food, environmental issues, my ever exciting daily life.
Anything is fair game.

Even I'm not exactly sure what this place in cyberspace will turn out to be.
But I can guarantee,
it'll be a lot of rhubarb.