Monday, May 10, 2010

Music Monday: Darwin Deez

Calling it now. This is my song of the summer.
Bring on the Popsicle weather!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Five Faves 05•02•10

Behold my faves of the week!

1. My sister got her wisdom teeth out. And after being inspired by this video, I decided to record the aftermath. Hilarity ensued.

2. STAR WARS WEATHER. Find out what it's like outside by seeing a comparison to a planet from the Star Wars universe.
For example right now it says:
"Ahh. 22°C, Cloudy?
It's like Yavin 4 out there.
Hot, but with some cloud in the sky.
Also bits of the Death Star might fall on your head."
How fun is that??

3. I need this shirt in my life. NEED. NOW.

4. This child singing The Beatles. Hilariousness of the lyrical interpretation aside, he's actually pretty wicked on the ukulele!

5. Tim Gunn critiquing superhero costumes. I cannot even put into words how amazing this is. Tim Gunn, please be my BFF.

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