Thursday, February 19, 2009

Site Spotlight: My Million Dollar Movie

The idea is genius.
In order to finance his independent climate-neutral feature film Casey Walker is letting anyone become a film producer for less than it will cost you to go to the cinema.

By purchasing frames for $10 (Canadian) you get a producing credit and if the film makes any money you have the choice of having your purchase funds returned or donated to an environmental charity of your choice. Producers also get their own page on the site where they can post photos and videos and promote their businesses and blogs. If you purchase more than one frame, you will be eligible for several contests and your name will appear higher on the credit roll.

Even Kevin Smith is getting in on the action! (Check out the story here.)

Imagine, for $10 you could be a producer on the same movie as Kevin Smith... or ERIN KYS!

Check out the blog, the Twitter or the facebook for the latest developments.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Music Monday: The Lonely Island

Okay, old news to most of you but I cannot get enough of The Lonely Island's new album Incredibad.
I really don't buy albums anymore but I absolutely had to go out and pick this baby up.
I highly suggest you do so as well.
My favourite track (at the moment) is Boombox featuring Julian Casablancas, but the whole disk is pure hilarity from start to finish.

I bring you the clean version of the video for I'm On a Boat, for my more sensitive readers... If you want the potty mouth album version, as well as other hilarious songs and sketches, check out The Lonely Island's youtube channel.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What You Wearing Wednesday


I am absolutely in love with the Ood necklace I purchased from DeliciousHobo on Etsy.

Super geeky.
Super sweet.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Music Monday: Queen

Don't stop me now! One of my all time favourite tunes and perfectly fitting for the way I am feeling right now.
You know that casting session I brought up a couple of posts back? I totally got in! I am going to the go-see this Saturday!
I could possibly be in an Edgar Wright movie!

You know what was also in an Edgar Wright movie?
This song.

Ain't life grand?

Caution: F-Bombs.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Eye Spy... Something Delicious

The holidays introduced me to the wonder of Ferrero Rondnoir- sort of like the dark chocolate cousin of Ferrero Rocher.
I now find myself completely addicted to these little beauties.

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An Evening with Kevin Smith

This past Friday I had the absolute pleasure of seeing An Evening With Kevin Smith live at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. It really was more than I could have hoped for.
As expected, Kevin was absolutely hilarious and I laughed til I cried.
As was NOT expected, my seats were AMAZING, and not only was Kevin joined by (the newly married) Jason Mewes but EDGAR WRIGHT -one of my film making heroes- was there to introduce the show.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of Edgar since I was still feeling out the place and whether or not their "no photography" rule was enforced or not, but I will not rest until I get a photo of (or preferably with) that man.

He is in town for the next few months working the Scott Pilgrim film. I am currently working my way through the Scott Pilgrim books and they are just awesome. Edgar is totally the perfect choice to direct this film (though I am still not completely sold on Michael Cera as Scott).

I actually applied to a talent agency to hopefully get on the list to attend the go-see casting call for the film despite the fact they stated that they are looking for slim people for the INDIE ROCK LOOK (yes they typed that in all caps.)
Evidently fat kids can't be indie.
If they are looking for 'hundreds' of extras there has to be at least one fat chick right?

Well, I seemed to have gone off on a wild tangent.

How about some pictures from the evening?

An Evening With...
I want his Watchmen badge.

An Evening With...
Mewes arrives in a Monkey hat quite similar to one I own.

An Evening With...
Mewes explains something..

An Evening With...
First of 2 iPhone lightsaber battles. Epic.

All images copyright Erin Kys (All rights reserved)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Music Monday: Morrissey

Once again I bring you Morrissey on a Monday.
What better way to start the week?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eye Spy... A Small Object

This week's theme is from The Crafty Librarian. I also enjoy mini-things, so here is a small selection of small objects from my pad!

Eye Spy.. A Small Object
Ah Sea Monkeys. I really love raising sea monkeys. The ultimate mini-pets. I haven't hatched these ones yet because I want to have them during a time when I am less busy so I can really enjoy them. This set also has a watch-like arm band where you can take your favourite monkeys with you? Bizarre and intriguing!

Eye Spy.. A Small Object
Slow cookers are amazing. Minimal prep, minimal cleanup. Just pop your food in in the morning and come home to an awesome smelling place and some amazing grub. I am so in love with my mini-slow cooker. It's the perfect size since I am usually cooking for just me. Tonight I'm cooking up a mini-pot roast and there'll be leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Eye Spy.. A Small Object
And now on to my favourite mini-things. I collect action figures. These are just a few of my ever growing collection. It's probably one of my favourite shelves. In the back are my Shaun and Ed at the Winchester set from Shaun of the Dead. Beside them is Housewares Ash from Army of Darkness. In front of him is my diecast Boba Fett. Finally there are my 10th Doctor and mini remote controlled K-9.

Eye Spy.. A Small Object
And just because I love him so much, here's a close up of K-9.

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