Sunday, February 8, 2009

An Evening with Kevin Smith

This past Friday I had the absolute pleasure of seeing An Evening With Kevin Smith live at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. It really was more than I could have hoped for.
As expected, Kevin was absolutely hilarious and I laughed til I cried.
As was NOT expected, my seats were AMAZING, and not only was Kevin joined by (the newly married) Jason Mewes but EDGAR WRIGHT -one of my film making heroes- was there to introduce the show.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of Edgar since I was still feeling out the place and whether or not their "no photography" rule was enforced or not, but I will not rest until I get a photo of (or preferably with) that man.

He is in town for the next few months working the Scott Pilgrim film. I am currently working my way through the Scott Pilgrim books and they are just awesome. Edgar is totally the perfect choice to direct this film (though I am still not completely sold on Michael Cera as Scott).

I actually applied to a talent agency to hopefully get on the list to attend the go-see casting call for the film despite the fact they stated that they are looking for slim people for the INDIE ROCK LOOK (yes they typed that in all caps.)
Evidently fat kids can't be indie.
If they are looking for 'hundreds' of extras there has to be at least one fat chick right?

Well, I seemed to have gone off on a wild tangent.

How about some pictures from the evening?

An Evening With...
I want his Watchmen badge.

An Evening With...
Mewes arrives in a Monkey hat quite similar to one I own.

An Evening With...
Mewes explains something..

An Evening With...
First of 2 iPhone lightsaber battles. Epic.

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cindy said...

Kevin Smith - how cool - ok now I may be a little jealous but in a good way.