Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eye Spy... A Small Object

This week's theme is from The Crafty Librarian. I also enjoy mini-things, so here is a small selection of small objects from my pad!

Eye Spy.. A Small Object
Ah Sea Monkeys. I really love raising sea monkeys. The ultimate mini-pets. I haven't hatched these ones yet because I want to have them during a time when I am less busy so I can really enjoy them. This set also has a watch-like arm band where you can take your favourite monkeys with you? Bizarre and intriguing!

Eye Spy.. A Small Object
Slow cookers are amazing. Minimal prep, minimal cleanup. Just pop your food in in the morning and come home to an awesome smelling place and some amazing grub. I am so in love with my mini-slow cooker. It's the perfect size since I am usually cooking for just me. Tonight I'm cooking up a mini-pot roast and there'll be leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Eye Spy.. A Small Object
And now on to my favourite mini-things. I collect action figures. These are just a few of my ever growing collection. It's probably one of my favourite shelves. In the back are my Shaun and Ed at the Winchester set from Shaun of the Dead. Beside them is Housewares Ash from Army of Darkness. In front of him is my diecast Boba Fett. Finally there are my 10th Doctor and mini remote controlled K-9.

Eye Spy.. A Small Object
And just because I love him so much, here's a close up of K-9.

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cindy said...

Love your small collections. The sea monkeys are so cool.

Kirsty said...

Sea monkeys are incredible aren't they.