Monday, January 26, 2009

Music Monday: The Killers

The song Spaceman is definitely my favourite from the Killers newest album, Day & Age, and ever since the most recent Doctor Who Confidential (The Eleventh Doctor) it has been stuck in my head.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sew Glad We're Friends

Sew Glad We're Friends

I made this card for one of my best buds Rob on his birthday yesterday.

Unfortunately I don't know what brand the paper or the ribbon are, but I love the texture on both of them.
The stamp is one of my favourites from the 'Puns from the Past' set by Stampin' Up!
I cut the shapes with a Cuttlebug and the awesome 'Labels One' die templates by Spellbinders.

Simple but makes a big impact. Kind of like Rob!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What You Wearing Wednesday

Here I am. In the middle of my second week of my 11th week placement at ARC Institute.
Today I wore one of my favourite tops. I got this plaid beauty with a ruffled front and puff sleeves at H&M.
H&M has weird sizing.
I usually wear 16/18 on top, but from H&M I have tops in sizes 10 through 16. But also, often, their 16s are too small.
It adds to the thrill of the hunt I suppose.
Again, my glasses are D&G Dolce & Gabbana.

Oh, and the headphones are from Sony.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Music Monday: Edgar Allan Poe

Okay, okay.
It's not music.
But I just HAD to post this awesome video of Vincent Price's rendition of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.
1) The Raven is one of my favourite poems by one of my favourite writers.
2) Vincent Price is just awesome.
3) Poe was born January 19th 1809, making today his 200th birthday. I had originally planned on commemorating the day by getting a raven tattoo, but those plans fell through (don't worry mom!).

Also worth checking out is the NY Times' Poe at 200 slideshow.

Happy Birthday Edgar!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Music Monday: Morrissey

I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris, the video for the first single off of Morrissey's forthcoming album, Years of Refusal, has just been released.

I am quite enjoying the song. It reminds me very much of when he was in The Smiths.
I like the video, but I probably could have done without the eyeshadow...

Years of Refusal will be out 16 February 2009.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What You Wearing Wednesday

My first What You Wearing Wednesday post taken with an actual camera instead of a webcam! I am still at home for the holidays so I am borrowing my mom's camera until either my new one comes in or it is time for me to move back to my apartment.
My top is once again by MXM. I am not sure where the pink beads came from, but my amazing unicorn necklace is by Rat Girl, which I purchased at the 2007 One of a Kind Christmas Show.

I do believe that this is the first week you can see my face in my What You Wearing post. All of my makeup today is from Rimmel London. My glasses are D&G Dolce & Gabbana.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Great Comment Debacle

It has come to my attention that my comment settings have been set to "Registered Users" all this time. This is the reason that some of you have been unable to leave comments thus far. My apologies!! That should be fixed now.

Here's a quick recap of how to leave a comment if you don't have a Blogger or Open ID.
(Click the pictures for larger view)

Click where is says "comments"

Enter your comment
Enter the word verification
Select Name/URL
Enter your Name (and URL if applicable)
Click "Publish your comment"

That simple!
I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Music Monday: Kate Nash

This has to be one of the top contenders for the cutest song in the world.
Kate Nash makes me smile.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dear Eleven,

Okay, I promise to stop talking about Doctor Who soon, but right now my nerdy heart couldn't be more excited.

The more I think about the new series, the more I can't wait to see it. However, I understand why a lot of people are apprehensive. Who as we know it is going to change. Series 5 brings us a new executive producer and head writer as well as a new Doctor and companion. All of the main aspects of the show are completely new.

But that is the nature of the show folks. Regeneration. And I cannot wait.

Dear Matt Smith,
First off, congratulations.
Good, now that is out of the way.
You are sort of adorable, slightly dorky and delightfully eccentric.
I fear the fangirls are going to eat you alive.
Even though some fans are a little unsure, I am quite intrigued by you and am keen to defend you until you force me to do otherwise.
Do not let me down sir.

Eye Spy...My best memory of 2008

Day 175

Without a doubt my best memory of 2008 was spending August working on a movie set.
I had the amazing privilege of getting my first feature film job as Assistant On-Set Props for the upcoming horror/comedy Silent But Deadly. The movie stars some familiar faces: Jason Mewes (Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Zack and Miri Make a Porno), Jordan Prentice (In Bruges, Weirdsville), Patrick McKenna (Traders, The Red Green Show) and William Sadler (Roswell, The Shawshank Redemption).
Even with its stressful times, I had an absolute blast start to finish. I got to work with amazing people in field, not only made connections but made friends for a lifetime and learned more than I could have ever imagined.

AND I got to fling blood around! Best summer job ever.

I even have my own IMDb page now!

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The Eleventh Doctor

That's not at all what I was expecting.

The eleventh Doctor has been cast. Relative newcomer, Matt Smith (26) will be the youngest Doctor yet.

I am really intrigued for what 2010 will bring with the 5th series of Doctor Who, not only with the casting of Smith. Russell T Davies is being replaced as head writer and executive producer by with Steven Moffat, who penned some of my favourite Who episodes (and made me forever wary of stone angels).

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my favourite show.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Make a Wish

make a wish

Long time, no card post!
I am really happy with the way this one turned out. I made it for my mom, for her 50th birthday.

Gamsol is my new favourite product. I used the mineral spirit to dissolve and blend the pencil crayons into the image. It actually appears as if I am somewhat artistic!
The hardest part was definitely tying the ribbon. Still not perfect by any means, but I am miles better than I used to be.

Materials used:
"You Take the Cake" stamp set - My Favorite Things
Patterned paper in "Novel" - Basic Grey (Offbeat Collection Pack)
Ink in "Jet Black" - StazOn
White card stock - Staples
Coloured pencils - Prismacolor
Blending stumps
Pink ribbon - Dollarama

Nerdy News Update

The identity of the person to take up the torch from David Tennant and become the 11th Doctor is going to be revealed TOMORROW during a special episode of Doctor Who Confidential on BBC One. There are 4 Doctor Who specials throughout 2009 and into 2010 until the 10th Doctor regenerates.

Sure there have been 9 Doctors before him, but this regeneration is going to be quite a big deal for me. David Tennant was my first Doctor so he'll always hold that special place, but at the same time I am quite excited to find out who 11 is going to be.

Who do I think it's going to be?
I have a strong feeling the 11th Doctor will be Paterson Joseph.
I kind of hope I am wrong though. I have never been a big fan of his.

Here is my top 5 dream (aka never going to happen) wishlist for 11.

05 Steve Valentine
04 Bill Nighy
03 Kevin Eldon
02 Julian Rhind-Tutt
01 Bill Bailey