Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dear Eleven,

Okay, I promise to stop talking about Doctor Who soon, but right now my nerdy heart couldn't be more excited.

The more I think about the new series, the more I can't wait to see it. However, I understand why a lot of people are apprehensive. Who as we know it is going to change. Series 5 brings us a new executive producer and head writer as well as a new Doctor and companion. All of the main aspects of the show are completely new.

But that is the nature of the show folks. Regeneration. And I cannot wait.

Dear Matt Smith,
First off, congratulations.
Good, now that is out of the way.
You are sort of adorable, slightly dorky and delightfully eccentric.
I fear the fangirls are going to eat you alive.
Even though some fans are a little unsure, I am quite intrigued by you and am keen to defend you until you force me to do otherwise.
Do not let me down sir.

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