Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Last Week(s) in Comics: August 31 - September 28

Well, it happened.

It only took a month, but I've become a "regular" at my local comic book store.

I walk in and the man behind the counter says "Hi Erin" and grabs my brown paper bag from the Pull List (FANCY COMIC LINGO!) shelf and then I pay and I'm on my merry way with my comics for the week. Yes. The week. I've become one of "those" people. And I sort of love it.

I've decided to declare my new found love of comics by sharing with you all the issues I pick up each week. Will I be reviewing them? Sort of, but not really. There are many other places that can give much better reviews (I love iFanboy for example). I'll simply be answering the question: "Will I be buying the next issue?"

Today's will be a long list, going back to when I started frequenting the shop at the end of August.

Alpha Flight #0.1, #1, #2, #3, #4
Buying next month? YES. I'm loving this series. (Even if I didn't LOVE it I'd probably still buy it just because it is all about a Canadian superhero team. Lucky for me, it's awesome.)

Journey Into Mystery #627, #628
Buying next month? Really didn't like #627, but Loki wasn't in it, so I gave it another shot. #628 was definitely better. I'm still not totally sold but I'll get the next issue.

Batman: Cacophony (Trade Paperback)
Buying next month? n/a - not finished reading it yet (and it's a book of previous issues, not a monthly comic)

Justice League #1
Buying next month? I really was not a fan of this. I do like the idea of the team meeting for the first time and not liking each other but this issue felt like a chore to read. That said, I'll give it another shot at least until Wonder Woman shows up...

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #1
Buying next month? yes! Really neat concept, I'm interested in where this goes.

Wonder Woman #1
Buying next month? HELL YES! The story was great but the art was AMAZING. I'm really excited for the next issue!

Animal Man #1 (purchased digitally from DC iPhone app)
Buying next month? Yep. Probably digitally again as well. I really enjoyed this book.

Swamp Thing #1 (purchased digitally from DC iPhone app)
Buying next month? I'm a little confused and a little creeped out but there were some really neat things going on here. So yes.

Justice League Dark #1
Buying next month? Yes.

Teen Titans #1
Buying next month? Probably not.

Dark Horse
The Guild: Clara
Buying next month? n/a - it was just a "one shot" comic, but it was fun.

Daytripper (Trade Paperback)
Buying next month? n/a haven't read it yet (and it's a book of previous issues, not a monthly comic)

COMIC OF THE WEEK(s): Wonder Woman, Frankenstein, Animal Man
BOTTOM OF THE PACK: Justice League, Journey into Mystery

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