Tuesday, December 9, 2008

...when you're having fun

Well these past 4 years really flew by.
Tomorrow is my last day of classes.

Next semester is just internship.
ONE MORE DAY of being a student.

After tomorrow I will have no more term papers.
No more exams.
No more grades.

I guess this also marks the end of seeing the insane/amazing people that are my classmates everyday.
Some of them are moving into the big city next semester.
I am not.
I will be an exciting commuter.

I hope everyone makes an effort to stay in touch but I know there is a good chance that, besides graduation, I will rarely if ever see some of these people again come January.

I suppose now is the time for growing up.
In a few months I am graduating and have to start living an adult life.
I have to find a career.
And make new friends.
And try to find a social life outside of college.

I don't know if growing up suits me.
I suppose that's why I chose film making.

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