Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What You Wearing Wednesday

With the both On My Desk and This Is coming to an end there was a void in my blogging life I desperately needed to fill. Thankfully along came Fi at Dearfii with the idea for a What You Wearing Wednesday!

Sorry for the dark and shoddy webcam pic. I still am cameraless after mine died an untimely death on Halloween.

Today I am wearing a cute yellow cardigan from Bluenotes and an organic cotton halter from H&M (as well as some jeans from I am not sure where and my awesome new winter boots which I will speak of on a later date).

I actually got a lot of compliments today. I have been trying to get away from the plain old tee and jeans I usually go to class wearing and it seems to be paying off!
Also, my friend Martin noted "You are wearing eye makeup!"
Yes, world. It seems Erin is growing up.

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