Sunday, November 2, 2008


Another Halloween has come and gone. So sad. I wish Halloween was a week long event. Or, ya know, every day. I love everything about it. Carving pumpkins, making a sweet costume (you gotta DIY it! It's way more fun than store bought! And way more original!), seeing everyone else's sweet getups, some of the best parties of the year...

This year I went the nerdy route with my pumpkin
Get it?

I also went an equally geeky route with my costumeIf you are not familiar, I went as Ash from the Evil Dead series (and MUSICAL!), complete with homemade paper mache/juice jug chainsaw hand. I'd like to think it was a big hit.

It's sad to think I need to wait another whole year to do it all again.

On an upnote, I can now start listening to my Christmas playlist and get down to organizing the annual Secret Santa event!

I love the holidays!


Dan said...

Now, I'm one of those who thing that the whole Xmas thing shouldn't start until after (American) Thanksgiving in late November. I was in Wal Mart the other day and they had the secular holiday tunes already blaring through the PA system in between announcements ("Hardware - call on line 2").

It's too early! (and I'm a Scrooge)

Dash Drum

Erin said...

Bah Humbug!
Being Canadian with no holidays to celebrate between now and the big day I have always annoyed people with holiday tunes as soon as Halloween passed me by.

And this year with my semester ending earlier in December than ever I needed to start organizing our annual secret santa super early.

And if I am doing Christmasy things, I need my Christmasy tunes!

Dan said...

I'm envious of your holiday spirit. Happy Holidays!!