Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Sensible Woman

There is nothing so wrong
in this world that
a sensible woman
can't fix in the
course of an afternoon.
Jean Giraudoux

Saturday, March 6th I took part in my local Zonta Club's "Card Making Extravaganza". It was a full day of learning new card making techniques! Also, as with all of their "extravaganzas" there is an opportunity to take part in a card contest. All attendees are given the theme ahead of time, and you have the option to make a card and bring it to be judged anonymously by all the other attendees.

Since it was the Saturday just prior to International Women's Day, the theme was "women and strength".

A Sensible Woman
A Sensible Woman
A Sensible Woman

And guess what? My card won second place!

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Smorgy said...

That is one AWESOME card :D