Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last Week in Comics: November 9 - December 7

Once again I'm playing catch up! That's what 5 rehearsal nights a week will do to you!

Journey Into Mystery #630
Buying next issue? I did! Can I just say that I LOVED this issue! Volstagg <3

Journey Into Mystery #631
Buying next issue? Yes! I was worried that with 2 issues a month I'd get burned out on it but Journey has definitely become one of my favourite series.

Wolverine and X-Men #1
Buying next issue? Sure. I wasn't blown away but I'll give it a chance to find it's feet at least.

Shame Itself #1
Buying next issue? I thought this was hilarious. If they make more, I'll definitely pick it up.

Uncanny X-Men #1
Buying next issue? See answer for Wolverine.

Avenging Spider-Man #1
Buying next issue? I will indeed.

Legion of Monsters #2
Buying next issue? I'm quite enjoying this miniseries and I'm really bummed there's only 2 more issues.

Alpha Flight #6
Buying next issue? Yep. Again, can I say how sad I am that this was changed from an ongoing series back to a mini. Two issues left. *single tear into my poutine*

Action Comics #3
Buying next issue? Weaker than the previous 2 issues for me, but still good. I can see it setting up some interesting things for the next few issues.

Wonder Woman #3
Buying next issue? Yes. I am enjoying the different take on the origin story of Wonder Woman.

Dark Horse
Abe Sapien: Devil Does Not Jest #2
Buying next issue? OH YES! Love the art. Love the story. Love Abe. LOVE.

COMIC OF THE WEEK(s): Abe Sapien: Devil Does Not Jest without a doubt!
BOTTOM OF THE PACK: least favourite was probably Uncanny X-Men, but it wasn't terrible!

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