Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wish I Was Wearing Wednesday

I am in love with a website.
Very much in love. is a site where you can browse through hundreds of clothing items and accessories and create outfits, put them on models and place them on a set.
I promise it is way more awesome than I am making it sound!

I really could spend hours coming up with that perfect outfit. Searching through pages to find the perfect necklace or headband to finish the look.

This is my first Looklet look:

Glasses by Urban Outfitters
Head band by Evita Peroni
Clutch by Alexander McQueen
Blazer by Vintage
Ring by Blimey
Bracelet by Alexander McQueen
Necklace by Vintage
Mini Dress by Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans
Boots by Topshop
Tights by Lick My Label

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