Thursday, February 19, 2009

Site Spotlight: My Million Dollar Movie

The idea is genius.
In order to finance his independent climate-neutral feature film Casey Walker is letting anyone become a film producer for less than it will cost you to go to the cinema.

By purchasing frames for $10 (Canadian) you get a producing credit and if the film makes any money you have the choice of having your purchase funds returned or donated to an environmental charity of your choice. Producers also get their own page on the site where they can post photos and videos and promote their businesses and blogs. If you purchase more than one frame, you will be eligible for several contests and your name will appear higher on the credit roll.

Even Kevin Smith is getting in on the action! (Check out the story here.)

Imagine, for $10 you could be a producer on the same movie as Kevin Smith... or ERIN KYS!

Check out the blog, the Twitter or the facebook for the latest developments.

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CW said...

Thanks Erin!!